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'Sup guys! This is my personal blog! I won't be spamming on this account like on my other. Also, NO(meaning very little) ANIME! Seriously, I'll keep it to a minimum since my other blog is hdsafkdghfkasdhgf filled with stuff. That pretty much means I wont have 100+ posts a day and the posts I do have are gonna be about my daily life and other geek stuff :D


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February 14, 1993
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The tutorial of how I achieve watercolor effect in Sai! :) I highly recommend using real watercolor paintings (your own or ones found on the internet) as reference.

And here you can find a few useful links: 

  1. You can download the Sai file of this picture here: link 
  2. Video process of painting another picture: link
  3. The old watercolor tutorial: link
  4. Sai brushes (none of them is made by me) link + file you need to open them in Sai: link
  5. Awesome watercolor brushes made by Kyle T Webster: link

Here’s the finished painting: link

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I’ve seen people do it for 2-3 years but never this. Also I’ve never seen 23 gold on one comment.

I’ve seen people do it for 2-3 years but never this. Also I’ve never seen 23 gold on one comment.

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if you tickle me it’s either going to lead to kissing or an extreme act of violence

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girls, who were bullied most of their life and gain confidence at one point, should be feared most because they dont take anyone’s shit no longer and they will destroy you if you think otherwise

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What girls look for in a guy:

  • polite
  • spiritual
  • black eyes
  • green skin
  • troubled father 
  • eidetic memory
  • skilled assassin
  • thane krios
  • dying
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My daddy’s smarter than Einstein, stronger than Hercules, and lights a fire with a snap of his fingers! Are you as good as my daddy, mister?

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Now that’s what I call justice 


Woah I didn’t even notice!

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Hi I’m Vero and my hobbies include :confusing people with my gender

Based on the floral bed sheets, I’m going to take a wild guess and say girl :P

Wow so you’re actually judging my gender based on the pattern of the fabric behind me. Wow great job I did not know that fabric had a gender. Good for you. You are A+ at science

My thought process if anyone cares:
Okay but that dude is kinda right statistically it’s likely that someone with floral bedsheets is a girl but on tumblr that’s not much of a hint. Oh there are bowties which typically are a male-owned item but as even my girlfriend owns more than me it also does not help. That is a nice Bioshock Infinite shirt but it doesn’t help either. Facial structure seems feminine but I can easily take my mom/sisters/gfs makeup and cover myself up too. Hmm straps I don’t know any guy with straps in any clothing but once again I could borrow from any girl in the family. Armpits are shaved. Statistically girls and male swimmers are likeliest to have shaved armpits but the hair isn’t as light as most swimmers I know. The light throws me off, however. Boobs. Oh…

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